How to Cook Rice

How to Cook Rice

Rice of your choosing (not minute rice)
Butter (optional)
Any seasonings you want to add

Wooden spoon
Pot & tight lid
Butter knife (optional)
Measuring cup

First off, you need to decide how many people you need to feed and how large a portion size you want. For a family of four, I use about 250 ml of rice. The ratio of rice is 2:1 (twice the amount of water to rice). Take your water, rice, and any seasoning you want (I add butter as well) and then boil it on high.

When the pot comes to a boil, stir it, cover it, and then reduce the heat to between medium and low. Set a timer for ten minutes. This is a good time to start on other things you need to do.

When the rice is finished, you should notice little round valleys in it. Those are a good sign! Don’t worry if you can still see moisture, because the next step is to let it sit covered for five minutes to absorb the water. I take it off the burner for this, but you could turn it down to warm if it seems a little extra watery.

After that, check to make sure it doesn’t need longer. It’s hard to see the difference, but if you tilt the pot you can see the reflection of the light off moisture better and also notice if it drips.

If it’s all good, it’s ready to be served!

I like to put Spanish rice in tacos.