Comparing the Programs

Comparing the Programs

Medium is a lot more complicated, and a lot more customizable than the others, but with less of the fun features. It’s more serious. The background can only be a sky or a flat colour, and there isn’t the objects like a pre-built snowman base, the little Android guy and dress form as there is in Sketch Up. It also doesn’t seem to have a movement feature, which sucks because the teleport feature was convenient. The area in medium is relatively small, as well, and you can move the objects through it instead of yourself. Quill also doesn’t have a movement feature, so you drag things around you and turn.

In terms of different brushes, Tilt Brush is far more varied, with sparkle, fire, bubble, and regular brushes. Quill only has basic brushes, and Medium has more tools. In erasing, they work quite differently. In Medium, its hard to erase because it takes out part and fades the area around it, though it’s possible that there is a way to change this. Quill erases more of a chunk, which can get annoying, but it’s more precise than Tilt Brush which erases the whole stroke.

A nice feature in Tilt Brush is adding in references, which you can move, change the size of, and colour pick from. You can do the same in Quill except you have to compare the colours yourself, unfortunately.

All of the programs have their own strengths and weaknesses, and are used best to create different sorts of things. Tilt Brush, for a drawing or painting, Medium for a sculpture or figure, and Quill for an immersive environment.

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