How to Cook a Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How to Cook a Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Two slices of bread

Butter knife
Serving spatula (turner)
Frying pan
Plate (optional but recommended)
You may also need a cutting board and a sharp knife, suitable for cutting cheese

Time: >5 minutes

To start, put the frying pan on the stove and put it on medium. Once that’s done, take out your plate and put two slices of bread on it. Butter it, all the way to the edges. If you need to cut cheese, make sure the pieces are relatively thin so that it will melt (~5mm).

Flip one piece of bread upside down. (If you’re worried about sticking, you can stack it in the pan.) Arrange them on the sandwich as best you can. If you have some left over, eat it or put it in the middle.

If you haven’t already, put the sandwich in the pan. You might first want to check its hot enough by splashing a little water off your fingers onto it and checking if it sizzles. I usually press down on the sandwich to flatten it.

You can check the cook on the sandwich by flipping it or lifting it up. When you like the way it looks, make sure it’s flipped so the other side can cook. Check this one the same way, but also lift up the top piece of bread at the edge. If you meet some resistance and the cheese is melty, it’s probably good to go.

You can choose whatever cook you like. Some people like it dark brown, or light golden. Other people like it almost black. It’s completely preference, so watching it is important.



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  1. The last shot is really promising – background almost out of focus, food front and centre. Again maybe add some contrasting colour and natural lighting.

    Grilled cheese is one of my favourite comfort foods. Well done.

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