How to Baste an Egg

How to Baste an Egg

Method: Frying pan

Vegetable oil or substitute

Frying pan
Serving spatula (turner)

First, grease a frying pan. It doesn’t need to be entirely greased, only half or so, large enough for the egg. Put it on medium high.

Check that the oil is hot by splashing a little a little water in. If it spits, it’s ready! Break an egg into the pan, and turn it down to medium.

When the whites are cooked but there is still a clear film on the yolk, splash in a small amount of water-around 20 ml or less, and cover for two minutes or so. When the top of the yolk is covered in white film and brown edges are just forming, it’s done!

One thought on “How to Baste an Egg

  1. Terrific. I always just flip the egg over. I’ll try it this way since over easy is my favourite way to cook an egg. The photos look good but you could add more colour and more lighting to get rid of the shadows. Good idea to put the white egg on a non-white plate.

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