What is your inquiry question or project?
My inquiry project is drawing a set for the song Everything at Once by LENKA. It’s a bizarre and fun song that I can get lost in easily and that has a format perfect for drawing people in different poses and expressions are the main things I want to focus on.

What challenges have you faced in it? How have you overcome them?
Time and my perfectionism are my two large issues. I always want to work on it but always prioritize something else, and I nitpick everything to the point where nothing gets done. Essentially, my progress is being held back because of my own stubbornness. These are issues I have been working on not just for this project, so the pace has picked up a fair bit from the start as my confidence in the project grows and my other work shrinks.

What are your next steps?
At this point I mainly need to focus on just sitting down and drawing. I have enough references and a basic plan, so all that’s left is continuing the execution. Over spring break when I am not focused on other school work I think I will be able to accomplish a lot and end up with a nice finished piece.

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