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January 20, 2015 by Kassandra   

Despite not being largely focused on in these chapters (10-15), the instance of Alexandra wanting to get rid of her is something I find quite intriguing. Considering her own driver and the old woman’s assistant are people of colour, having one help obviously isn’t an issue to her. I think that she likely finds herself threatened by Calpurnia; Scout shows interest in going to see Cal, but visiting Aunt Alexandra is a burden. Despite the fact that she probably wouldn’t enjoy taking on all Cal does, she would rather herself be more of a motherly figure to the children. She is already doing some things herself (such as making the refreshments for her Missionary Society) so it’s possible she could replace Cal, but there’s no need. She is jealous, and I am glad Atticus stood against this, because it is clear the children care deeply about Calpurnia and she cares for them, too.


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