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Boo Radley

January 14, 2015 by Kassandra   

Almost all of the events in these five chapters can, in some way, be linked back to Boo Radley. To start, they sneak into his backyard, Jem looses his pants, and Boo sews them up and folds them for him. They find the hole filled in, which is sort of an end to their communication. He came and put a blanket around Scout who was shivering while hoping for the fire to go out, and there was worry of the mad dog going onto the Radley property. Everything can be led back to that family and to him, and it makes for clever buildup to the point where we finally meet Boo. We know it will happen eventually, and that it is going to be all it should. We also know now that he isn’t evil, that he finds the kids entertaining, and that this is going to become more than a child’s game. My question about all this is how far will Mr. Radley let this go? He had to have seen them in the collard patch, three children do not look like one person. He found out about the hole and filled it. So what will he do next?


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