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September, 2016

  1. ICTX Project Update

    September 27, 2016 by Kassandra

    The 2x3dent is painted now. The core has been reinforced so it doesn’t wobble when held anymore. The next step is to put cloth tape on it for grip, and then it’s ready to be 3-d scanned.

  2. How to Cook a Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    September 21, 2016 by Kassandra

    Two slices of bread

    Butter knife
    Serving spatula (turner)
    Frying pan
    Plate (optional but recommended)
    You may also need a cutting board and a sharp knife, suitable for cutting cheese

    Time: >5 minutes

    To start, put the frying pan on the stove and put it on medium. Once that’s done, take out your plate and put two slices of bread on it. Butter it, all the way to the edges. If you need to cut cheese, make sure the pieces are relatively thin so that it will melt (~5mm).

    Flip one piece of bread upside down. (If you’re worried about sticking, you can stack it in the pan.) Arrange them on the sandwich as best you can. If you have some left over, eat it or put it in the middle.

    If you haven’t already, put the sandwich in the pan. You might first want to check its hot enough by splashing a little water off your fingers onto it and checking if it sizzles. I usually press down on the sandwich to flatten it.

    You can check the cook on the sandwich by flipping it or lifting it up. When you like the way it looks, make sure it’s flipped so the other side can cook. Check this one the same way, but also lift up the top piece of bread at the edge. If you meet some resistance and the cheese is melty, it’s probably good to go.

    You can choose whatever cook you like. Some people like it dark brown, or light golden. Other people like it almost black. It’s completely preference, so watching it is important.



  3. How to Cook Rice

    September 21, 2016 by Kassandra

    Rice of your choosing (not minute rice)
    Butter (optional)
    Any seasonings you want to add

    Wooden spoon
    Pot & tight lid
    Butter knife (optional)
    Measuring cup

    First off, you need to decide how many people you need to feed and how large a portion size you want. For a family of four, I use about 250 ml of rice. The ratio of rice is 2:1 (twice the amount of water to rice). Take your water, rice, and any seasoning you want (I add butter as well) and then boil it on high.

    When the pot comes to a boil, stir it, cover it, and then reduce the heat to between medium and low. Set a timer for ten minutes. This is a good time to start on other things you need to do.

    When the rice is finished, you should notice little round valleys in it. Those are a good sign! Don’t worry if you can still see moisture, because the next step is to let it sit covered for five minutes to absorb the water. I take it off the burner for this, but you could turn it down to warm if it seems a little extra watery.

    After that, check to make sure it doesn’t need longer. It’s hard to see the difference, but if you tilt the pot you can see the reflection of the light off moisture better and also notice if it drips.

    If it’s all good, it’s ready to be served!

    I like to put Spanish rice in tacos.

  4. ICTX Update

    September 20, 2016 by Kassandra


    I have secured a double ended trident (by combining two pitchforks.) The fridge is for scale.

  5. How to Baste an Egg

    September 19, 2016 by Kassandra

    Method: Frying pan

    Vegetable oil or substitute

    Frying pan
    Serving spatula (turner)

    First, grease a frying pan. It doesn’t need to be entirely greased, only half or so, large enough for the egg. Put it on medium high.

    Check that the oil is hot by splashing a little a little water in. If it spits, it’s ready! Break an egg into the pan, and turn it down to medium.

    When the whites are cooked but there is still a clear film on the yolk, splash in a small amount of water-around 20 ml or less, and cover for two minutes or so. When the top of the yolk is covered in white film and brown edges are just forming, it’s done!

  6. How to Poach an Egg

    September 19, 2016 by Kassandra

    Method: Poaching cup

    Butter or substitute

    Frying pan
    Poaching cup
    Plate (optional)
    Knife (optional)

    First, take a small frying pan with high sides and put in less than half an inch of water in, and put it on high to boil. Then, grease the insides of a poaching cup.

    Once that is done, break an egg into the cup.

    When the water is boiling, place the cup in the pan and cover it. Turn it to medium and set a timer for seven minutes.

    When the timer goes off, remove the cup from the pan. With a fork, hold the egg in the cup and tilt it slightly. If the liquid runs clear and there is no white in it, it is ready. Drain excess water, and then slide the fork around the inner edge of the cup.

    Flip onto a plate and enjoy!


    Ideally, you want the yolk to run, but you can cook it more if you like.

  7. IDS Project

    September 16, 2016 by Kassandra

    Celina and I are working together on our IDS project for the year. Currently we are uploading character bios to try and build a reader base and also flesh out the characters more in preparation for posting our webcomic, which will be in stages. You can find the blog here:

  8. First ICTX Project

    September 16, 2016 by Kassandra

    My first ICTX project will be designing and creating a double ended trident for a cosplay prop. It will involve 3-d printed and vinyl cut pieces to create the finished piece.

  9. Pierogies and Bacon

    September 15, 2016 by Kassandra




    Three pictures displaying 45⁰, 90⁰ and ‘Hero’ angles respectively.

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